Introducing the provisional university

The provisional university is an autonomous education project based in Dublin.

Our commitment to autonomous education stems from the fact that the independent and egalitarian dimensions of study and research are under attack. This attack is not limited to the university. It echoes wherever people act independently of market objectives and, in particular, act on the basis of equality (e.g. community development, public health care…)

While the state/market are the principal forces at work here, the university-bureaucra cy seems fully committed to the reduction of knowledge to the logic of the ‘smart economy’.

However, we believe that at the university knowledge and pedagogic organization are, by their nature, never definitely fixed. They are open to infinite subjective interpretations, uses and articulations– independent from bureaucratic and economic circumstances. The principle that elevates the university to a ‘universal’ institution is an egalitarian one, corresponding to what Ranciere defines as the “generic human capacity to think”.

With this in mind, our goal is to express, augment and organise autonomous research and study, to withdraw our energy and curiosity (which in fact sustains the university) in a kind of subjective strike and to rearticulate them in a collective, open and horizontal fashion. Ours is a university open to anyone who wishes to participate in the generation of knowledge, irrespective of the hierarchies and exclusions operated by the 2nd level education system and other inegalitarian forces.

The provisional university marks a rupture with the university-bureaucracy, but also a creative confrontation with it. The state, capital and even the university-bureaucracy do not ‘own’ the university. The university is neither public (state-owned) nor private (capital-owned) but common. As such, we have no intention of allowing the current batch of bureaucrats and managers continue with their destruction of the university.

As researchers and students, we are not ‘at’ the university, we are the university.


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