Lacan Research Group

The Lacan Research Group begins on the 13th of December and will be Meeting every Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 in the Sybil Connelly Room, National College of Art and Design, (N.C.A.D.) Thomas Street.

The Jacque Lacan research group of the Provisional University has been set up to research the work of French Psychoanalyst Jacque Lacan.

The research group is dedicated to answering the question: What are the co-ordinates of enjoyment today? To this end, we have put out a call to people with knowledge of Lacans work, seeking questions (taking whatever content and form is deemed relevant) to direct our research.

The first module of our research will seek to answer the question presented to us by Dominick Hoens of the Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique at the Jan Van Eyck Institute: How does Lacan’s notion of plus-de-jouir relate to Marx’s concept of surplus-value?

The course of research will involve intensive reading and group tutorials utilising Socratic questioning. Lectures and sessions with people with knowledge of the area are also actively being sought.

For more information and for the course reading list, contact :


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