Monthly Archives: March 2011

The no opens cracks, the yes opens autonomous spaces. Perhaps they look the same, but they are not. The idea of ‘autonomous space’ suggests a space in which we can enjoy, maintain and defend a certain degree of autonomy. This is very attractive but also dangerous. If such a space becomes self-referential, it can easily […]

Another empty election

Last night we attended one of the many hustings (‘debates’) taking place for the election of the new Provost of Trinity College. Unfortunately there is no debate. All the candidates accept that the state should no longer provide free and equal education (because the government has decided the banks and bondholders are more important). Most […]

European Struggles update: we are your crisis

Following a European meeting last February university based groups from around Europe formed a network, Knowledge Liberation Front, to advance their struggles at a coordinated European level. The first event coming up is the European days of action, set to take place on March 24th-26th and involving different actions all over Europe. In the run […]

Reclaiming space

On Saturday the provisional university took part in a discussion entitled ‘What do you stand for?’ About sixteen groups, mostly involved in the running of independent art spaces, had five minutes to present their projects. There were about eighty people present. The short discussion afterwards was welcome for the important questions that were raised, questions […]

Open Letter to Dublin City Council

Today, the 2nd March, the provisional university sent an open letter to the City Manager of Dublin City Council demanding a space for student-managed teaching and research and denouncing the neo-liberalisation of the university and the destruction of the public good. This is the second step in our campaign to reclaim a space to fight […]