European Struggles update: we are your crisis

Following a European meeting last February university based groups from around Europe formed a network, Knowledge Liberation Front, to advance their struggles at a coordinated European level.

The first event coming up is the European days of action, set to take place on March 24th-26th and involving different actions all over Europe.

In the run up to this the Knowledge Liberation Front in Paris, in conjunction with the Cordinament des Intermittents et Précaires (a collective of precarious cultural workers) occupied a large city centre building in Paris. The response of the city authorities was indicative of the new zero-tolerance policy on occupations and squatting that has been taking hold in Europe over the last 5 years or so, as all 60 occupants were arrested on the spot.

Following this the below press release has been issued

and there will be a press conference in Brussels shortly.

Knowledge Liberation Front Press Release

The insurrection has just begun: students and precarious workers of Europe and all around the world are fighting against the cuts in education, austerity policies and precarity. Now we are learning from the unrest in the Maghreb and North Africa how to win and wipe-out the global tyrants. A new Europe is sprouting in the Mediterranean revolutions.

The Knowledge Liberation Front – a network of hundreds and hundreds of groups, organizations and struggles – calls for a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday, 23rd of March, from 11am till 1pm, at the 9th floor of International Trade Union House, 5 boulevard du Roi Albert II. Here, in the trade unions’ stronghold  located in the symbolic centre of the European bureaucracy of financial capitalism, we will launch three days of actions – 24th, 25th and 26th of March – against the banks and the financialisation of our lives.

We don’t fear the crisis, because we are your crisis and your fear: rise up!

Stay tuned: the revolution is on the March!


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