The Right to the City

The Talking Shop is a new discussion forum we’re organising along with the Campaign for the Old City Arts Building and Dublin Housing Action. Our first session looks at The Right to the City. Seomra Spraoi 6.30 Monday 16th of May

Anyone living in Dublin over last decades can see that today the city itself is at the centre of social transformation and in particular the expansion of neo-liberalism. In this context the ‘right to the city’ has been proposed as an important demand for social movements. In this session we’ll look at the politics of cities today (property crisis, gentrification, NAMA etc.) and talk about the right to the city as a way of fighting back.

People might want to read David Harvey’s Right to the City (although it’s a bit academic).

You can also check out this video of Harvey talking about ‘accumulation by dispossession


               The Talking Shop- open forum for political discussion

The Talking Shop is a new forum for political discussion organized by the Campaign for the City Arts building and the Provisional University, but open to everyone. Through our various projects we’ve come across the need to create time and space for the kind of political discussion that we usually don’t have time for within our campaigns.

We’ll take a different idea in each session and have an open and relaxed discussion, without trying to reach agreement or action. Each session will have a brief introduction.


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