Monthly Archives: June 2012

Activist research: workshop on collective research for social change

Where: Seomra Spraoi When: 14th of July, 3pm-6pm How: register by emailing What: Effective activism or political organisation requires an understanding of the world around us and the kinds of issues and struggles we want to intervene in. But everyday life, government policies or forms of power that go on around these issues are usually […]

Openhere conference-festival 28th june-01 July

Open-here is kicking off a series of workshops and discussions around the themes of digital commons and open-source production/exchange this Thursday at the science gallery. You can see the programme here: Some Provo Uni people are just back from a conference on the knowledge commons in Leicester which addressed a lot of these issues, […]

Crisis and Revolution now available in English

Crisis and Revolution, the sixth book from the Madrid-based activist research collective Observatorio Metropolitano, is now available as a free-to-download PDF. Mick O’Broin and Patrick Besnihan from the Provisional University were part of the team that translated and edited the book. You can download the PDF here. Mick O’Broin also has a review of the […]

Hedge Schools lecture: video now available

Hedge schools were one of the original inspirations for the Provisional University project, as described in our text Better Questions on the University. Last May Patrick Bresnihan gave the first in a series of lectures organised by Occupy University. In his talk he focuses on the hedge schools as autonomous spaces of learning, situating them in […]