Commons Reading Group

Thanks to all those who braved the awful rain yesterday!

We decided:

– The first session will take place next Thursday, 4th October, at 17.30 in the GradCam Seminar room at St. John’s Lane, off Thomas Street (directions here)

– Each session will last up to two hours and we’ll meet every two weeks

– One text will be read and discussed in each session

– A dropbox folder will be set up so people can share documents and texts on the commons

– As well as discussing the readings we will show films related to the commons. These will be more ad hoc and not formally discussed in the seminars

The first text is an interview with Massimo de Angelis and Stavros Stavrides. It is a little more theoretical than some of the texts we will be looking at in later sessions but it offers a good overview of the historical context and contemporary significance of the commons.

All welcome


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