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Work, Time and Precarity: 2nd Contemporary Capitalism Talk

The second in our series of talks on contemporary capitalism will be given by Patrick Bresnihan this Wednesday, October 31, 7pm @ Dubzland Audio and Visual Gallery – Work, Time and Precarity “We have lost the pleasure of being together. Thirty years of precariousness and competition have destroyed social solidarity. Media virtualization has destroyed empathy […]

Film screening: Where the Green Ants Dream

We’ll be screening Werner Herzog’s ‘Where the Green Ants Dream’ (1984) this Wednesday, 17th October, at 19.00 in Supafast.  The film is partly based on a land feud between a mining company and an Aboriginal community. In the film (which is a mix of fact and fiction) the Aborigines claim that the area the mining […]

Financialisation and the right to housing: further resources

Thanks to all who came along to the first in our series of seminars on contemporary capitalism: ‘From welfare to debt-fare: financialisation and the right to housing in Ireland and Spain’. Here are some readings and other resources people might find useful. The slides from Mick’s talk are available here. Here you can find an […]

The Right to the City and Financial Enclosure

  The following is a blog post we were invited to write for the Barcelona Metropolitan Observatory, and appeared on their blog in October 2012. Here we present the English translation. The Right to the City and Financial Enclosure   Every stone in the city, every window we look through, every roof we shelter under, […]

We Demand Nothing: Materialising the Commons

“But as the camps are cleared, the windows repaired and new arrangements of governance begin to crystallize where does this leave us? How might a politics that refuses demands avoid reincorporation into the status quo? Are there any lessons learned from these very diverse expressions of dissent? And what is the link between these spectacular […]

Commons Reading Seminar

Really good discussion in our first session last Thursday – thanks to all those who participated! The next reading is ‘Burning Times‘, an appendix to the book Dreaming the Dark by the writer Starhawk. We’ll be meeting on Thursday, 18th October at 17.30 in the GradCam serminar room, St. John’s Lane.

Contemporary Capitalism seminar series

October/November 2012 We live in a world where there is more wealth in the financial system than in the real economy, where most of the work we do is with our brains rather than our hands and where we are working more than ever without the promise of any security. We need to understand this […]