Financialisation and the right to housing: further resources

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Thanks to all who came along to the first in our series of seminars on contemporary capitalism: ‘From welfare to debt-fare: financialisation and the right to housing in Ireland and Spain’.

Here are some readings and other resources people might find useful. The slides from Mick’s talk are available here.

Here you can find an English translation of a blog post we were invited to write for the Barcelona Metropolitan Observatory.

We have written up this account of the movement against home repossession in Spain. We also participated in translating and editing Crisis and Revolution, which is an analysis of the financial capitalism and contemporary social movements. It is a difficult read at times but well worth it. Download it here.

This article by Rodriguez and Lopez, who I quoted in last night’s talk, deals with the political economy of property and finance in Spain.

Most of the discussion around the privatisation of social housing and the expansion of the mortgage market was drawn from chapter 2 of Conor McCabe’s Sins of the Father. The chapter gives and exhaustive account of the development of housing and the property bubble.




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