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A Lesson from Warwick

Little Fable (by Franz Kafka) “Alas,” said the mouse. “The world is growing closer every day. In the beginning it was so wide, that I was afraid. So I went on further and was happy when, in the distance, I saw walls to the left and to the right. But these walls race towards each […]

Dublin’s independent spaces: where to from here?

Loom Studios 36-40 Dominic Street Upper, Broadstone, Dublin 7  7pm,  August 22nd Map available here Following our very successful talk on Counter-Cartographies of the City, our next public event will continue to focus on the potentials and possibilities of urban transformation in Dublin, this time focusing on independent or DIY Spaces (art spaces, social centres, community gardens etc.) […]

Struggles in Common: audio now available

You can now listen to all the talks from our Struggles in Common event, which took place in Dublin on May 18th. You can read more about the event here. Patrick Bresnihan, ‘Introduction to Struggles in Common’ Peter Linebaugh ,’The commons and the city’ Panel I – The politics of everyday commoning: what are the […]

Counter-Cartographies of the City: Video Now Available

You can now watch  a complete video of Eoin O’Mahony and Stephen Rigney’s talk on Counter-Cartographies of the city, which took place at Loom Studios on the 4th of July. You can also download the text of Eoin’s input here. Counter-Cartographies of the city In the aftermath of the Celtic tiger, the contradictions of debt-fuelled […]

Financialization and the enclosure of the city

Now available to download You can now download this essay written in 2012 and based on research undertaken as part of our ongoing project on enclosure and commons in Dublin and beyond. Here we describe the process of urban privatization and financialization in Ireland and Spain over recent decades. We also take a look at […]