Monthly Archives: February 2014

Creative uses, vacant spaces

Yesterday evening we attended a shindig in Dublin City Council all about ‘creative uses’ of urban space. The focus was specifically on vacant space and the context was the Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn’s levy on vacant spaces. The detail of the levy is still unclear and it is far from certain that it will go […]

Urban activism in Dublin: from the politicization of urban development to the right to the city?

The idea behind this piece is to give a brief overview of urban politics in Dublin, in part because this is an important history and in part because it is useful in terms of situating urban conflicts and social movements today. Although it is impossible to single out a ‘beginning’ of Dublin’s urban politics, there […]

100 artists, academics and civil society organisations letter in support of Exchange Dublin

Exchange Dublin, one of Dublin’s most innovative and important independent spaces, will close today, Friday the 7th of February, following negotiations with their landlord Temple Bar Cultural Trust. This outcome is disappointing, but following a difficult period the collective have resolved to work towards the re-establishment of the space over the coming months. We hope that […]