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SOS Dublin Docklands

The decline of the Dublin dock’s was a major blow to the city, leaving a legacy of unemployment and poverty, issues which fomented the addiction crisis of the ‘80s and 90s and continue to wreak havoc on inner-city communities. This context is all-too-often forgotten by those interested in urban design, who have sometimes been guilty […]


This is the fourth and final post in our series on The Abduction of Europe meeting that we attended in Madrid a couple of weeks ago. In the first three posts we addressed some of the more general themes and questions raised by the organizers and in the workshops on Europe, financialization and the commons. Here we describe some of […]


In the first of these posts on The Abduction of Europe encounter in madrid we outlined the rationale for the event and why we think it is necessary for social movements to be thinking and acting at the European level. In the second, we described one of the workshops we participated in, looking at financialization […]

Rethinking the Smart City: A primer

Dublin Art and Technology Association and Provisional University Present When: March 24th 7pm – 9pm Where: Dunlop Oriel House, Corner of Fenian Street & Westland Row, Dublin 2. Map: Speakers: Adam Greenfield, with an introduction by Rob Kitchin Respondents: Aphra Kerr (NUIM), Jim Merricks White (NUIM) Rachel O’Dwyer (TCD) Admission is free but places are […]

The Abduction of Europe II: Debt, financialization and the European political space

This is the second in a series of blog posts following our participation in the recent Abduction of Europe event in Madrid. You can read details of the event and some thoughts on the importance of Europe for social movements in our first post. The event was organised around five working groups, each one looking […]

The Abduction of Europe 1: why Europe?

This is the first of a series of blog posts we have prepared following our recent participation in the Abduction of Europe event which took place in Madrid. Here we contextualise the event politically, while future posts will look at some of the themes and movements which formed part of the event. The Abduction of […]