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The fisherman’s guide to ruining Dublin

At the end of June we attended a public meeting in Dunard Community Centre in Dublin 7. The meeting was a presentation of the ‘D7 Parks’ project, which has come about through the collaboration of Oxmantown Rd. community garden, the Dunard/O’Deaveny Gardens football club and a number of O’Deaveny Gardens residents who are horse enthusiasts. […]

Urban activism in Dublin: from the politicization of urban development to the right to the city?

The idea behind this piece is to give a brief overview of urban politics in Dublin, in part because this is an important history and in part because it is useful in terms of situating urban conflicts and social movements today. Although it is impossible to single out a ‘beginning’ of Dublin’s urban politics, there […]

Reading seminar on the Commons starts next week

We’re setting up a reading group on the ‘commons’, which will kick off next Tuesday. The group will based at GradCam but is open to anyone so come along if you are interested. The first, introductory meeting will take place on Tuesday, 25th September, at 17.00 in the Seminar Room in Johns Lane West, off Thomas Street. […]

Indignados : austerity as a violation of human rights

“Human rights can reclaim their redemptive role in the hands and imagination of those who return them to the tradition of resistance and struggle” Costas Douzinas This is the first of two articles by Marta Sánchez written as part of a research project on the 15-M movement at the Center for Human Rights in Nuremberg. […]


I recently visited the Hydra Bookshop in Bristol. It was opened in November of last year by the Bristol Radical History Group. It is an inspiring place. There is just one room lined with books that are rarely available in other bookshops. There are some seats and a couple of tables in the middle for […]

And geese will still a common lack/ Till they go and steal it back

The law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose from off the common But leaves the greater villain loose Who steals the common from off the goose. The law demands that we atone When we take things we do not own But leaves the lords and ladies fine Who take things that […]