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I recently visited the Hydra Bookshop in Bristol. It was opened in November of last year by the Bristol Radical History Group. It is an inspiring place. There is just one room lined with books that are rarely available in other bookshops. There are some seats and a couple of tables in the middle for […]

Revolt in Quebec

In February, the Liberal government in Quebec, led by Jean Charest, announced a proposed tuition fee hike of 82% to be phased in over the next five years. This dynamic is by now becoming familiar, as are the justifications. Charest argued that the fee increase was intended to bring Quebec’s universities in line with neighboring […]

NAMA and the Search for Space

The Provisional University presents: NAMA and the search for space: A discussion with prof. Rob Kitchin of Ireland after NAMA, and introduction to the NAMAland app by its author Conor McGarrigle. After the discussion we will take a short walk in Dublin city centre using the NAMAland app as our guide.At a moment when we […]