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Vulture Landlords: an in depth interview with Desiree Fields

  The crisis in Ireland’s private rented sector keeps gathering steam, and recent additional regulations introduced by Alan Kelly are not going to make much of a difference. One of the most novel aspects of what’s happening currently is the emergence of a new type of landlord: financial institutions buying cheap real estate and becoming mega-landlords. […]

Urban activism in Dublin: from the politicization of urban development to the right to the city?

The idea behind this piece is to give a brief overview of urban politics in Dublin, in part because this is an important history and in part because it is useful in terms of situating urban conflicts and social movements today. Although it is impossible to single out a ‘beginning’ of Dublin’s urban politics, there […]

The Mortgage Holders Platform 3: resisting the financialization of housing

This is the third in a series of posts on the Mortgage Holders Platform (Platforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca, or PAH), a Spanish movement of people in danger of being evicted because they cannot pay their mortgages. In the first and second blog posts we looked at the background to the PAH in terms of […]

Indignados : austerity as a violation of human rights

“Human rights can reclaim their redemptive role in the hands and imagination of those who return them to the tradition of resistance and struggle” Costas Douzinas This is the first of two articles by Marta Sánchez written as part of a research project on the 15-M movement at the Center for Human Rights in Nuremberg. […]

Revolt in Quebec

In February, the Liberal government in Quebec, led by Jean Charest, announced a proposed tuition fee hike of 82% to be phased in over the next five years. This dynamic is by now becoming familiar, as are the justifications. Charest argued that the fee increase was intended to bring Quebec’s universities in line with neighboring […]

Activist research: workshop on collective research for social change

Where: Seomra Spraoi When: 14th of July, 3pm-6pm How: register by emailing mickbyrne@gmail.com What: Effective activism or political organisation requires an understanding of the world around us and the kinds of issues and struggles we want to intervene in. But everyday life, government policies or forms of power that go on around these issues are usually […]