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“The Dublin Docklands area presents a unique opportunity for NAMA and the Irish taxpayer.  It is rare that such large swathes of prime waterfront land in a modern city such as Dublin has remained undeveloped.  It is even rarer that the ownership of such land rests in a State organisation providing the opportunity for truly […]


NAMA has been in the headlines once again in recent days following the launch of the Dublin Docklands Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) last Wednesday and two high profile development projects being released. We’ve written about the background to the SDZ here and here. But with all the talk of office development and international funds buying […]


This is the third in a series of blog posts taken from our talk opening the Ciudad Furor film festival, organised by the Latin American Solidarity Centre in November 2014. In previous posts we examine the neoliberalisation of urban services as a process involving both the acceleration and expansion of the ‘market’ in controlling urban […]


This is the second of three posts sketching out the main points of a talk we gave a couple of weeks ago at the Ciudad Furor Film Festival, organized by the Latin American Solidarity Centre. The first post very briefly outlined what we mean by neoliberal urbanism, namely the privatization and withdrawal of public urban […]


This is the first in a short series of posts based on a talk we gave to open the recent Ciudad Furor film festival, organised by the Latin American Solidarity Centre. The festival focused on questions of urban space, and in our introduction we sought to frame some issues around the political economy of cities […]

PAH protest

Followers of this blog will be familiar with Spain’s housing movement Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (we’re written about them here and here). To our great delight, Housing Action Now are bringing two members of the collective to Dublin this Friday to launch the book Mortgaged Lives (recently translated into English and part financed […]

The Openhere conference/festival starts tomorrow in the Science Gallery, Dublin. The three-day program all looks really interesting – a great line-up of speakers – but perhaps most interesting for us are the talks by Brett Scott on open-source financing and the interview with the Robin Hood Collective who ask: “Could we bend the financialization of […]


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