Escape into the city: everyday practices of urban commoning and the production of urban space in Dublin

Is the effort to revive the property market pushing creative groups out of the Docklands?

Why Exchange Dublin desperately needs your support

The private-rented sector is heating up, yet fails to meet basic needs

We’re facing a housing crisis, not just a mortgage crisis

Pop up parks are positive and creative – but can mask deeper social problems

Platforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca: the right to housing

Financialization and the enclosure of the city: the struggle for the right to housing and the right to the city in Ireland and Spain

Better Questions on the University

Rethinking the Politics of Social Centres: three conversations

Radical Love, August, 2010

Spain’s 15M movement: what happened and what can we learn?

PIIGS y derecho a la vivienda

Participation in (A Time of) Crisis‘ and ‘Barriers to Participation and Capitalist Temporalities‘ in Problems of Participation. Reflections on Authority, Democracy and the Struggle for Common Life.

Moving Beyond the Present in Anti-Racist Network (ARN) Public Journal, May, 2013.

The Provisional University


We recently participated in translating and editing the English language version of the Metropolitan Observatory’s outstanding Crisis and Revolution in Europe.

We have a dream: towards a Euro-mediterranean social strike (by Madrilonia.org)



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  2. […] have already written about the development of the PAH as well as its immediate political and economic background. Here, we want to emphasise […]

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