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Vulture Landlords: an in depth interview with Desiree Fields

  The crisis in Ireland’s private rented sector keeps gathering steam, and recent additional regulations introduced by Alan Kelly are not going to make much of a difference. One of the most novel aspects of what’s happening currently is the emergence of a new type of landlord: financial institutions buying cheap real estate and becoming mega-landlords. […]

Shaping Dublin: a seminar series on the contemporary city

When: March/ April 2015 Where: Dunlop Oriel House, Corner of Fenian Street & Westland Row, Dublin 2. (map: What time: 7.30pm During the ‘heyday’ of the Celtic Tiger, Dublin experienced speculative development in key areas like the Docklands; a housing bubble accompanied by dramatic increases in the cost of rent; and the increasing role […]

A manifesto for housing

“A housing bubble. Not enough supply. Not enough credit. We hear so much about the housing market, but for the majority of us the reality is an ongoing housing crisis. At the heart of this crisis is the government’s failure to create a housing policy that guarantees everyone’s access to a home. The market-based policies […]

Housing Action Now launch – June 12th

Some of you may remember we posted about the European Day of Action for the Right to Housing and the City last Autumn. Well, some of the people who organised that have been working away quietly for the last while but will be launching their group and a their manifesto for the right to housing […]

Crisis-scape Dublin: urban politics after the crash

Urban development, housing and the built environment have been central to Ireland’s boom and bust. It’s hardly surprising, then, that some of these issues remain among the most contentious in Dublin today. Here we just want to note some reflections on the outworking of the crisis in relation to these issues from the point of […]

SOS Dublin Docklands

The decline of the Dublin dock’s was a major blow to the city, leaving a legacy of unemployment and poverty, issues which fomented the addiction crisis of the ‘80s and 90s and continue to wreak havoc on inner-city communities. This context is all-too-often forgotten by those interested in urban design, who have sometimes been guilty […]

Six lessons from Spain’s anti-eviction movement

How did a handful of people in a room in Barcelona grow to become Spain’s nation-wide anti-eviction movement? How did those in mortgage arrears, a sector of society overwhelmed by debt, faced with the immanent possibility of homelessness and often suffering from unemployment, become a political actor which could place the housing crisis at the […]

European day of action for the right to housing

Last Saturday, the 19th of October, we hit the streets of Dublin as part of a Europe-wide day of action for the right to housing and the city. In Dublin, this involved a movable feast from the Dept. of Environment (Custom House Quay) to a banner drop on the Ha’Penny bridge, passing through the IFSC […]