Openhere Starts Tomorrow


The Openhere conference/festival starts tomorrow in the Science Gallery, Dublin. The three-day program all looks really interesting – a great line-up of speakers – but perhaps most interesting for us are the talks by Brett Scott on open-source financing and the interview with the Robin Hood Collective who ask:

“Could we bend the financialization of the economy to the advantage of precarious workers? Could we challenge the debt mechanism of control, the command to submit to any work and the limited options we have for financing our living? Could we think of sharing the means of creating money that financial capital has in its use, of putting them to work for us also? Could we think of a relation to money, not as binding us with debt and to capital relations, but as a means of freedom, escape, and increased independence? Could we appropriate the power of money, not only as a means of payment and exchange, but as a power to command the future?”

The Robin Hood Collective are also going to have an ‘office’ on Foster Place from Monday to Thursday next week.

Openhere 14.11-16.11 2014

cryptocurrencies, digital sharing, 3D printed goods – just some of the disruptive online practices and technologies that are transforming and reshaping our economy. These innovative technologies have impacted the market, enabling new business models, evolving market conditions and transforming economic and social landscapes. However, the commodification and commercial adoption of these disruptive technologies has also raised concerns and questions in terms of access, control and sustainability. How can we develop these practices to not only support a digital commons, but also to support more equitable and sustainable worlds?

Openhere is a 3-day international festival and conference where online practices such as sharing, peer-production and open source meet real world material economies. The program brings together researchers, artists, engineers and activists to critically engage alternative economic models and digital currencies, open source hardware and ecology, and new forms of peer production and sharing happening at the intersection of digital and real world spaces. Sessions include talks, panel discussions, workshops and screenings.

Participants include: Benjamin Tincq, Brett Scott, Cathal Garvey, Chelsea Rustrum, Denisa Kera, Duncan McCann, Eli Gothill, Gawin Dapper, Geraldine Juárez, Graham Barnes Kevin Flanagan, Lana Swartz, Linda Doyle, Lúí Smyth, Nigel Dodd, Nora O’ Murchú, Peter Hanappe, Rachel O’Dwyer, The Robin Hood Cooperative, Sean Cubitt, Vasilis Kostakis and more.

Topics include: Alternative Currencies | Open Sourcing Finance | Open Hardware | Distributed Manufacturing | Open Source Ecology | Peer Production | Sharing Economies

All sessions free but booking recommended. For more information, program details and to book a place

Openhere is a joint initiative of (CTVR) The Telecommunications Research Centre in collaboration with the Dublin Art and Technology Association (D.A.T.A) and is supported by the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.


When: Monday 17.11. – Thursday 20.11.2014 every day 10:00 – 19:00

Where: Foster Place, Dublin 2, Ireland


Robin Hood is a new asset management cooperative, an alternative investment model that challenges big financial players such as banks and hedge funds. The systemic rise of financial capitalism over the past thirty years has been linked to economic crises and instability, as well as to growing inequality between rich and poor. Rather than trying to abolish this system outright, Robin Hood tries to bend the system to benefit the people who are hurt the most by financial capitalism – the growing portion of the population who work relentlessly but are unable to achieve financial stability.

Robin Hood’s investment model is grounded in their data-mining “Parasite” Algorithm, which identifies successful transactions by riding on the coattails of successful investors. Profits are then shared with Robin Hood Projects in ways that are decided by the entire cooperative. This includes the possibility for a basic income, for a new system of welfare, for project-funding or interest-free loans. In the first year, the value of The Robin Hood portfolio rose 30.74% and in accordance with 2012 Rankings, had the third-best performing portfolio in the world. Now, after their second year, they are up 40.15% and have about 0.65M$ assets under management.


The Robin Hood office is open in Dublin from 17-20.11.2014 10:00-19:00. All are welcome to join the team and to participate in their work on Robin Hood financialservices: the nature of finance money, derivatives as production liquidity, cryptocurrency and crypto-equity and money as a tool to support workers. They are also scheduling meetings with interested people, groups and initiatives, cultural institutions, activist networks, networks in finance money, funds and investors interested in social impact, disruptive financial services and impact investment.

Office Workers: Andrea Fumagalli, Akseli Virtanen, Tiziana Terranova, Florin Flueras, Alina Popa, Harri Homi, Tere Vaden, Teppo Vesikukka, Valentina Desideri, Jaromil, Sakari Virkki, Stefano Lucarelli, Jan Ritsema, Gianluigi Biagini, Sari Stenfors, Brett Scott, among others.


Booking of meeting times: Teppo Vesikukka,, tel. +358445075777


The office is part of the Openhere Festival organized by CTVR and the Dublin Art and Technology Association. The work of Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative is supported by the Kone Foundation.


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    I’ll be supporting Rachel O’Dwyer and CTVR’s exciting Open Here festival at the Science Gallery from tomorrow – checking tickets and roving with a mic post-talks. Looking forward to learning heaps!

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